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Blind Date: Sam Ledger and Anthony Valentine - Models: Sam Ledger, Anthony Valentine

Description: Our sexy series “Blind Date” is back with another exciting, erotic edition! Adorable twink Sam Ledger is naturally a bit nervous meeting a new guy for the first time; but, when Anthony Valentine walks up looking all blond, bronze skinned, and beautiful, he decides to do this date REAL right! As the day turns to night, the chemistry cooks between these two beauties, and only intensifies later in the bedroom! Big schlongs get swallowed, smooth bronze booties get eaten, and big, cum filled balls smack against a beautiful, bubble butt. The creamy climax is an epic overflow of fresh, first date, boy bust, that's guaranteed to bring you to the brink; AND, definitely guarantees this won’t be the last time Sam, and Anthony see each other!

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